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Interested in Owning your own Business?

Fishpipe Business Model

Operating a Fishpipe rental business provides an opportunity to offer an innovative and thriving product to consumers. 



  • Self-starters and those who prefer to work at their own pace

  • Those who enjoy traveling 

  • Established water parks or resorts



  • A fenced, flat area of ground at least 9m x 6.3m (30’ x 21’6”)

  • Water supply

  • The ride can be controlled by one trained operators.



The Fishpipes are suitable for multiple markets and can be included in:

LEISURE DESTINATIONS: A stand-alone activity capable of attracting the most seasoned tourist to something new and unique to the destination.

HOTELS & RESORTS: An ideal activity for the family to enjoy over and over again and proven to increase occupancy rates.

EVENTS & FESTIVALS: A unique ride ... a refreshing wash ... a fun and impressive public spectacle in its own right.

CRUISE SHIPS: A small footprint/high turnover attraction appealing to families, especially with teenagers.

WATER PARKS: A great addition to existing attractions .

ADVENTURE CENTRES: An additional and unique activity to add to existing outdoor pursuits, working well with other activities such as mini golf, rock climbing etc.

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