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Pronunciation: \'fish'pahyp\


Etymology: From the Old High New Zealand word Fiscpipa;                                               meaning tube that fish travels through.


1. A Fishpipe consists of an inflatable barrel suspended in a steel frame. The barrel is rotated in place at up to forty-five revolutions per minute with an electric motor and some rather clever electronics. The water inside the barrel allows for a slippery smooth ride and is removed after each cycle, cleaned, and filtered. New fresh water is then added for the next ride.


   A Fishpipe frame is constructed with heavy-duty metal pipe, welded, and bolted together. The entire unit is rather weighty at about a billion pounds. The inflatable barrel is big enough for three people, or six midgets, to stand inside. By the end of the ride you will have traveled over four and a half football fields, which is longer than the entire length of Vatican City! (The smallest country in the world)


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