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Can I Buy a Fishpipe?


Of course! We can assist you in the purchase, delivery, training and setup process. Operating a Fishpipe business can be a very rewarding and lucrative experience. Contact us for more information and pricing. Read More




Can I rent the Fishpipe?


Of course! Contact us for custom quotes and package rates. We can tailor a solution to meet any of your needs.


Perfect for . . .

Birthday Parties

Family Reunions

Corporate Events

School/Church Functions

Fraternity/Sorority Rush Events

Team Building Exercises

Grand Openings & Product Launches

Anything else you can think of


How fast does the Fishpipe spin?


The Fishpipe rotates at speeds up to 45 revolutions per minute - inside that is equivalent to almost 20 miles per hour.


How long is the ride?


About two minutes - during this time you travel more than 2,000 feet making it THE LONGEST WATER SLIDE IN THE WORLD!

Is there water inside?


Yes - the water inside makes it slippery and lets you slide around ... or try and stand up and run or bodysurf.



Will I get really wet?


Yes - you will get completely soaked.


Is the water fresh?


Yes - the water is sucked out after EVERY ride and replaced with new filtered water from our tank especially for you.


I don't mind getting wet but what if it's cold?


 In cooler weather we heat the water - so it's just like a massive rotating hot tub.


Do I tumble around in there or go around and around?


You CAN tumble around if you REALLY want to. Most people slide on their backside or knees. It's impossible to stick to the inside and go around and around because the water makes the inside too slippery. You stay at the bottom and the barrel rotates around you.


Will I throw up?


We have had thousands of customers and no one has EVER Thrown up in The Fishpipe.


I'm coming with my friends and family, can we ride together?


Yes - One, two or even three people can ride inside at the same time.


I'm a fearless ninja but what if my friend gets frightened or exhausted during the ride?


The operator will monitor your progress and can slow the ride down to almost a crawl. We have had thousands of customers and this has never been the case. We want you to have fun and COME BACK!


Do you have restrictions on who can ride?


Yes – No children under the age of five. You should take caution if you are pregnant, have been formerly deceased, have heart conditions, head injuries, epilepsy, currently have a symbiotic alien inside you. There is a maximum individual weight of 275 lbs, maximum combined weight 460 lbs.

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